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Why are Tire Alignment and Balancing Important?

Tire Alignment and Wheel Balancing We do not always think about this, but your car is just a combination of different systems and parts. Each system and each part needs to be in the perfect state and condition for the car to work as it should. Any damage to any…

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Are Winter Tires Worth It?

Are Winter Tires Worth It? Snow and winter are synonymous with some of the most beautiful and dramatic weather in the world. When the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, most of us are happy to hibernate indoors and escape the harsh winter weather. However, for those who…

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Bridgestone Blizzak Tires

Bridgestone Blizzak Tires When it comes to performance in winter conditions, having the proper snow tires is critical. Blizzak tires consistently outperform their competitors. The Bridgestone Blizzak is regarded as among the perfect winter tires on the market by both consumers and experts. (With thanks to GearPatrol, Customer Reviews, and…

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Trail Tire Auto Centers opens in Williams Lake, BC

Trail Tire Auto Centers opens in Williams Lake, BC Longtime Williams Lake friends Richard Ward and RJ Brereton are proud owners of the new Trail Tire Auto Center located at 100 Mackenzie Avenue North. The men, who have known each other since they were 13 years of age, had a…

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